The Western Alliance is an artist group that is located in the South West of the United Kingdom. Its programme is to develop national and international projects that supply and fuel critical debate and dialogue with practical action. To date this includes a research trip to Istanbul in 2009 and a reciprocal residency programme with partners Visiting Arts and The Delfina Foundation for 2010, with Turkish aritsts İz Öztat & Volkan Aslan.

This approach to supporting artists practice through a research led programme, though anchored in the South West, acts as a non-located process, reflecting the concerns of the group and creating a more dynamic platform for activities and events to take place.

The Western Alliance is currenlly comprised of Sovay Berriman, Paul Carter, Patrick Lowry, Steven Paige, Alison Sharkey, Oliver Sutherland, Rebecca Weeks & Alexandra Zeirle.


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Visitng Arts