The 11th Istanbul Biennial took its title from the song ‘Denn wovon lebt der Mensch?’, which translates as ‘What Keeps Mankind Alive?’ The song closes the second act of the play ‘The Threepenny Opera’ which was written exactly 80 years ago by Bertolt Brecht in collaboration with Elisabeth Hauptmann and Kurt Weill. The play was intended to revolutionise theatre as both an artistic form and a tool for social and political change.

Following their research trip to the biennial The Western Alliance, a group of Artist/Activators based in the South West seek to pose the question ‘What Keeps Artists Alive?’ and to explore current questions about the importance of international cultural exchange, practice and politics.

This event precedes URGENCY/AGENCY, the Western Alliance International Residency Exchange with Turkish artists Iz Ozat and Volkan Aslan taking place in Cornwall & London during March 2010.

Join them - 27/02/2010: 6 - 8pm: Penzance Arts Club

The event will be chaired by artist and writer Dr. Larry Lynch, Acting Director of the School of Art and
Performance at University College Falmouth.